An emergency repair to a private sewer line on Main Street in downtown Camden is underway Aug. 18.

According to Town Manager Pat Finnigan, the failed lateral sewer line connects three buildings on Main Street to the public sewer. The emergency repair is required because the connecting pipe cannot be repaired, and has to be replaced. During the repair, water has been shut down for the three privately owned Main Street buildings.

Ferraiolo Construction is replacing the pipe. The repair is complicated by the location and depth of the pipe, which is more than 8 feet underground, and utility lines and conduits, which the contractor has to work around.

Finnigan clarifies that lateral sewer pipes are the responsibility of the building owner, and not the Town of Camden, in response to numerous inquiries regarding why this work is being done during the peak tourism season. She wants to assure people that the Town employees do everything possible to schedule projects so they do not create unnecessary disruption or inconvenience, but this particular work is time sensitive.

Work on the project continues Thursday Aug. 18 and should be completed before the end of the day. The sidewalk will then need to be replaced. In order to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible and maintain two-way traffic, a section of parking spaces on Main Street are being used as a travel lane.

Finnigan said she knows this is disruptive and frustrating, especially at this time of year and she appreciates everyone’s patience. The contractor is working to complete the project as quickly as possible so the property owners can have their water and sewer service restored, and life on Main Street can return to normal, she said.