Do you love both dogs and cats? Then congratulations — you are "bipetual"! Lots of "bipetual" people come to P.A.W.S., looking for a cat that gets along with dogs or a dog that gets along with cats. Sometimes we don't know what to tell them. Stray cats and stray dogs can't tell us anything about their history with other animals, and it's almost impossible to "test" pets at the shelter without stressing them out.

Jupiter, a handsome black beauty of a cat, was, at first, one such question mark. When he was brought into the shelter as a stray, we were not so sure about him, and he was not so sure about us. He was certainly none too happy about having been captured in a cage. But once examined, neutered, and vaccinated, and comfortably settled in one of the private kitty "condos" we often use for newcomers, he decided he rather liked both his new digs and us. Now, when you open his condo door, he rolls over onto his back as if to say, "Belly rub, please!" We believe Jupiter once had a great home with a family who loved him and maybe just got lost. Now that we've gotten to know him, we're confident he'd make a great family cat in any home, with or without a dog.

On the other hand, with Julane, we did have some information to work with. This pretty gray-and-white girl came to us from Georgia, along with six other dogs saved from an uncertain future in a high-kill shelter. Checking Julane's paperwork, we learned that she had once lived on a farm and is accustomed not only to other dogs and cats but also children and even chickens. When you step into the kennel room, she'll be one of the first dogs you see — and you can be sure she's already seen you. Julane loves everyone she meets and wiggles her whole self, nose to tail, with the sheer joy of making your acquaintance. She has loads of energy and would love to find her forever home here in Maine.

The arrival of the seven Georgia dogs was both scary and exciting. We want to save more, of course, but have only limited kennel space ourselves. Knowing that so many other dogs (not to mention cats) are waiting for their freedom ride to another state but might never make it is heartbreaking. So we're trying to develop a list of "dog fosters": people who would be willing to take a dog in for a short while until kennel space opens up. If this is something you'd like to do, we would love to speak to you. Please call us at 236-8702 for more information, or, better still, stop by the shelter at 123 John St. in Camden and pick up a fostering application.

As always, we encourage you to visit our website,, where you can read about all of the adoptable pets in our care and view our current "wish list" of supplies we hope you'll consider donating. You can drop off donations in our lobby anytime, day or night. Just like the website, it's always open.