Renew Rockland is kicking off a project to get Rockland to 100 percent renewable energy, with the first working meeting at the Midcoast Collaborative, 12 Shepard Drive, Thomaston, Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 6 p.m. The collaborative may be found by taking the turn for Flagship Cinemas and then turning right.

This local community group has been active in advocating for sustainable initiatives in Rockland and is now planning to work on setting a goal of reaching 100 percent renewable as well as helping the city figure out how to meet this goal.

Iinterested individuals are invited to attend the meeting, where Renew Rockland will kick off the project through discussion, brainstorming and strategy, as well as a conversation on what it means to go 100 percent renewable. Mount Dessert Island was recently reported on, with a similar group called A Climate to Thrive, announcing its own goal to be 100 percent energy independent by 2030.

Renew Rockland’s mission is to promote sustainable economic growth and a healthy community by educating residents on the importance of protecting natural resources, encouraging green infrastructure, promoting renewable technology and energy efficiency, and ending dependence on fossil fuels.

For further information, contact Renew Rockland at: