The annual service of the Old South Cushing Baptist Church, Salt Pond Road, will take place Aug. 21, at 4 p.m. The society was given the building with the stipulation that a religious service must take place once a year. The setting has also been the site of many weddings, concerts and even a movie or two. People have gathered for christenings, poetry readings and family and community celebrations.

Through the years there have been many inspiring guest preachers from many denominations. This year the guest preacher is the Rev. Anne Roundy, a retired UCC pastor living in Cushing. She has served churches in Rangeley, Thomaston, Freeport and Monmouth. She just completed a brief interim ministry in Bristol.

Also featured will be “Suomalaiset Jouset” a group of people who play the Kantele, a Finnish string lap harp, under the direction of Celia Jones. Soloist for the service is Dilyn Englehart.