Six young ladies will compete for the 2016 Maine Wild Blueberry Queen crown.

The Union Fair opens Saturday, Aug. 20, and runs through Saturday, Aug. 27.

The winner will become the newest ambassador for the blueberry industry. Appearances by the queen are designed to promote Maine's wild blueberries and Union Fair. The queen appears in statewide parades, special state events, at various charitable events and has an opportunity to tour blueberry processing plants.

The 2015 Maine Wild Blueberry Queen Coronation will be held Friday, Aug. 26, at 6:30 p.m. at the grandstand, with the crowning of the new queen, crown princess and Miss Congeniality. All three winners receive trophies, roses and monetary prizes at the coronation.

Vying for the 2016 Maine Wild Blueberry title are: