A Rockland volunteer for the Johnson/Weld 2016 campaign has taken to the streets in an effort to spread the word about a choice that many voters are not yet aware of.

“The Libertarian Party, which will be on the ballot in all 50 states, has nominated former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for president and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld for vice president,” said Joe Steinberger, local lawyer, entrepreneur and former member of the Rockland City Council.

“When I talk to people face to face, and explain that they have this choice, the majority are happy and relieved,” he said, “so it has been a lot of fun.” Steinberger said part of his goal has been to create a model for action by other volunteers.

Steinberger has been walking Rockland’s Main Street wearing a homemade Johnson/Weld hat and carpenter’s apron, handing out flyers and inviting people to engage in conversation.

“I was a bit shy about putting on this rather flamboyant outfit,” he said, “but the idea is to get attention to our message, and it's working. People are finding out about Gary and Bill and they like what they hear.”

Rockland’s Maine Street has recently been thronged with people who have come to the Maine Lobster Festival, so Steinberger has been able to meet visitors as well as locals. Among those visitors are many sailors from the Navy ship U.S.S. Oak Hill that was in Rockland Harbor for the festival.

“I have really enjoyed meeting some of these men,” said Steinberger, noting that recent polls show active-duty military personnel supporting Johnson/Weld over both the Democratic and Republican candidates.

“From my conversations, I think that what they like about the Libertarian candidates is their commitment to non-intervention overseas. They see that this has not worked.”