On Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 7 p.m., Expanding Opportunities will give a general public talk at the Camden Public Library about their travel program called Friends Across the Ocean.

Expanding Opportunities is both a non-profit organization (in the US) and an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Kenya. The focus of Friends Across The Ocean is a full-immersion experience into Kenyan culture with emphasis on the nonprofit’s mission to increase sustainability through education and charitable projects, as an alternative to mass tourism in Kenya. In particular, guests stay and collaborate with the local communities on ongoing projects at JWHS children’s home and Gordon Clem Academy, built and funded by Expanding Opportunities.

In addition, this travel opportunity practices and promotes an appreciation for social, ecological, and economic responsibility. Travelers will visit homes, schools, and businesses of Kenyans served by Expanding Opportunities including fair trade artisan support and coffee farms, as well as experiencing African safari and wildlife conservation parks. This is a free talk for anyone interested in responsible travel to Kenya. For more information, please contact Nicole Carbisiero at 930-8012.

Expanding Opportunities operates several projects in the United States and Kenya:

•Street Children Fund – helps feed, clothe and educate homeless children living on the streets in Kenya.

•Friends Across the Ocean – develops cultural awareness and fosters friendships.

•Aina Moja – sells African crafts and arts to help fund the organization and support African artisans.

•STEMS – seeks funding to promote success through education, money, and support to small business ventures in Africa.

•Books for Kenya – provides educational material for Kenyan schools.

•Camp Forest – teaches wilderness skills and appreciation in a Maine wilderness camp.

•Distance Learning Centers – develops learning centers in African.

Expanding Opportunities has both a U.S. office, in Belfast at Aina Moja, a retail artisan support shop located at 39 Main St. 1B and a Kenyan office.