Nat Lawson, mentalist, hypnotist and 2016 Camden Hills graduate, spent the first few weeks of summer vacation conducting an experiment on perceptual plasticity. A short documentary on the experience, titled “Blind,” has been made and may be seen on his website,

From June 22 to July 2, Lawson did not allow his brain to see any light whatsoever. His hope was that the experience would cause a noticeable change in the way he perceives the world. The film follows him around the Midcoast, as he tries to do “card reads” with passersby, and on local TV and radio stations. Viewers also see him taking a voice lesson at the Bay Chamber Music School, playing fetch with his dog … and taking the blindfold off.

“I blindfolded myself for nine days … This caused my sense of touch and hearing to become significantly more acute, which aided greatly in my mentalism,” he said.

The documentary, made by Alex Forcillo with Ben Resek, also includes comments from research neuroscientist Bob Burgess. "Blind" also may be seen on YouTube (see link below).