The following deed transfers were recorded from July 29 to Aug. 8 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Karolyn J. Snyder to Robert H. Nichols and Barbara M. Nichols.

Karma P. O'Donal and Mark D. O'Donal.

Arthur M. Andrews and Marlene B. Andrews to Suzanne Brown.


April Baker Dickey to William Dickey II and Mark L. Dumont.

J. G. Ray Jr. to James G. Ray Jr. Tr. and James G. Ray Jr. Revocable Trust.


Irving Robert Lash Tr., Neil Winfield Lash Tr. and Lash Family Living Trust to Dianne L. Hill.

Dianne L. Hill to Dianne L. Hill and Norman A. Hill.


Obed A. Hart to Roger W. Brace.

Greg Thompson to Katrina L. Thompson.


Alan R. Booth Tr. and Alan R. Booth Living Trust and Alan R. Booth and Margaret Z. Booth.


Ann E. McClellan to William A. Bartovics.

Robert A. Marr Sr. to Jerry Lee Radley and River R. Radley.

Arthur D. Chickering and Julie A. Chickering to Guy A. LaCoste and Pauline F. Lacoste.

Mark L. Rader and Nina Rader to Herta Regine Harding.

David R. Bragdon, Pamela B. Rhodus and Pamela C. Bragdon to Wesley S. Keating.

Gene A. Vanbeek to Shelley B. Johnson.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust, U S Bank Trust NA Tr. and Caliber Real Estate Services LLC Atty to Clifford Christensen and Todd Mace Christensen.

Andy J. MacMillan, Susan G. MacMillan and Susan Desgrosseilliers to Rebecca A. Lincoln and Frederic Jay Astle.

Rebbecca A. Lincoln and Frederic Jay Astle to Robert B. Blair and Erika N. Blair.


Benjamin M. Hilt to Michael B. Hoffmann and Mary A. Hoffmann.

Burnett Maine House LLC to Castle in the Clouds LLC.

Glen Cove TND LLC to Shepherd Block Marianne LLC and Shepherd Block Stuart LLC.

HFC Rockport LLC to 14 16 Central Street LLC.

HFC Rockport LLC to 20 Central Street LLC.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA Tr., Chase Mortgage Finance Corporation, Portfolio Servicing Inc. Atty to Loaf LLC.

Kristian Kangas Tr., Onni C. Kangas Trust Agreement and Eric H. Kangas Tr. to David A. Dickey.

John F. Smith IV and Rachel Smith to Alan Karl Sigle and Kathleen E. Sigle.

Maurice L. Hamor to Total Commerce Systems LLC.

Melissa Sweet to Sherise M. Cortese and Christopher T. Cortese.

Jesse J. Henry and Heidi Burden to Kristan A. Gould and Gregory A. Gould.

Ronald W. Tibert and Lorraine Tibert to Stephen C. Laite and Jacqueline M. Laite.

Inara M. Booker and Krista M. Booker to Jeffrey R. Allis and Valerie Allis.

Michelee Louise Heald, Charles P. Heald, Michelle Louise Lemar Heald to Robert E. Krul and Tammy J. Krul.

Steven Wade Tr. and Hartnett Family Trust to S and P Wade Family Trust, Steven Wade Tr., Patricia Wade Tr., Elizabeth I. Duhaime Tr. and Elizabeth I. Duhaime Revocable Trust.

Courtney C. MacLachlan Tr., Barbara O. Carleton 2007 Trust, Granville E. Carleton 2007 Trust and Barbara O. Carleton Est. to Sara C. Morgan.

Rosa M. Wyke Est. to Craig D. White and Margaret C. White.

South Thomaston

Douglas L. Burch to Daniel D. Dates.

Guy A. LaCoste and Pauline F. LaCoste to Douglas L. Burch and Debra K. Burch.

John P. Thompson III to Virginia Reed.

Virginia Reed to john P. Thompson III.

Virginia Reed to Roger P. Palm Tr., Roger P. Palm 2005 rust, Edwina F. Palm Tr. and Edwina F. Palm 2005 Trust.

Gregory A. Gould and Kristan A. Gould to Jesse Butler and Roisin M. Butler.

St. George

Frances L. Hagan Est. to Peter Berke and Patricia Berke.

Asger Jorgensen and Sandra B. Jorgensen to Georg M. Haubs and Anja Haubs.

Raymond Benner to James B. Morris.


Jeffrey R. Allis and Valerie Allis to Bruce hoekstra And Sandra Hoekstra.

Thomas J. Jennings and Catherine M. Jennings to Bruce Hoekstra and Sandra Hoekstra.

Warren Williams Est. to Rebecca Wright Tr. and Testamentary Harriet H. Williams Supplemental Needs Trust.


David A. Davis Tr. and Thelma C. Davis Irrevocable Family Trust to Anthony Payson and Mary Payson.

Hillary A. Harriman to Pine Tree Real Estate LLC.


Brimstone Inc. to Howard J. Philbrook.

Harvey R. Geiger and Pamela H. Geiger to Harvey R. Geiger Tr., Pamela H. Geiger Tr. and Harvey R. Geiger and Pamela H. Geiger Trust.


Marjorie H. Martin to Alan R. Martin and Laurie J. Martin.

Wesley Richardson to Nola Metcalf.

Jerry Lee Radley and River R. E. Radley to Addison I. Cox and Lea K. Cox.

Wesley McKellar to Harlow M. Mank Est.

Harlow M. Mank Est. to Wesley McKellar.

Irven A. Gammon, Lee A. Gammon, Brenda S. Gammon and Heather F. Gammon to Heather L. Achorn and Jacob A. Hyler.

Susan T. Hamill, Megan Hamill, Kimberly Hamill and Douglas A. Hamill and Douglas Hamill.


Barbara D. Blake to Kathryn L. Perrin.

Elizabeth P. Wooster to Darryl Flagg.

Holly Szady to Clifford E. Purington and Joyce A. Purington.

Washington Historical Society Inc. to Roy D. Goodale.