The Maine Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Campaign are holding a statewide barbecue meeting at the Lincoln Street Center, 24 Lincoln St., Sunday, Aug. 7 at 4 p.m. Everyone who is interested in helping the campaign is invited. There is ample parking out back.

The family-friendly meeting includes a barbecue dinner, and is intended to give Johnson/Weld supporters a chance to have fun meeting each other and organizing themselves for the 2016 presidential campaign.

“The Johnson/Weld campaign is the greatest opportunity for real political change that we have had in my lifetime,” said Joe Steinberger, 71, a Rockland resident and former city councilor who has recently volunteered as Maine director of the Johnson/Weld campaign. Steinberger added that the Maine Libertarian Party has seen a huge increase in interest over the last months. He attributed this to the candidacy of former governors Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Bill Weld of Massachusetts (Johnson for president and Weld for vice president).

As governors, both Johnson and Weld were overwhelmingly reelected as moderate Republicans in heavily Democratic states. They describe themselves as socially liberal, fiscally conservative and open to practical, constructive dialog with all parties. “Not only do we have two popular and experienced candidates,” said Steinberger, “but the sad trajectory of our two-party state has made people more and more open to the Libertarian message of mutual respect, individual freedom, limited government and non-intervention overseas.”

Sunday meeting attendees who are not yet registered as Libertarians may sign up there. Participants are encouraged to bring food and drink to share, but this is not required, and there is no admission fee. Those planning to attend are encouraged also to contact Steinberger at or call him at 596-0731 to let him know their plans. “It will be helpful,” he said, “to have some idea of who is coming and what they are bringing, but we want people to know they will be welcome if they just show up.

"We are especially eager to have Rockland-area volunteers, since our statewide office will be here in Rockland, and we have a lot of work to do.”