Have you heard the saying, "Cats are like potato chips — you can't have just one"? We believe in that at P.A.W.S., but only if you can afford to have multiple cats. Some people think having a cat isn't expensive, and overall, that's true. But it's important to remember that cats need more than just cat food. There's veterinary care — checkups as well as care for the inevitable occasional ailments. There are vaccinations. And even if your cat does not go outside, you also have to keep up with flea medication, as those nasty little bugs can hitchhike into the house on the bottoms of your shoes.

So, when thinking about adopting a cat (or for that matter, a dog), ask yourself: Can I afford to pay the bill when my pet gets sick? Do I have the finances to keep my pet up-to-date with flea medications and vaccinations? And what if something were to happen to me? Who would care for my pet and has that person agreed to step in if needed?

Esther and Greta came to us because their owner passed away. Before she died, she made sure that her beloved kitties would be taken care of financially. She ensured that the cats' vet bills would be covered, left money for their care and feeding, and let it be known that she wanted the two to stay together. But there was no one who could take them in. Here at the shelter, it's taken Esther and Greta a bit of time to get used to their new digs, but they're beginning to come out of their shells. They love to snuggle together, and sometimes we look around for Greta, only to find that Esther, who is somewhat plus-size, is sleeping on top of her!

Greta is particularly affectionate. Scratch her back, and she'll stick her tush in the air and roll on the floor, cute as a button. And then Esther; She has the loudest purr of all the cats currently at P.A.W.S. And if you have long hair, she'll even appoint herself your personal hairdresser, cleaning and playing with your strands as much as you'll let her.

If you're looking for a bonded pair and would like to give these two sweet girls, who've lost all they knew except each other, a new chance in life, please come see them.

P.A.W.S. is located at 123 John St. in Camden. You can always call us with any questions or concerns at 236-8702, or check out website, pawadoption.org, for information about all of our adoptable pets, upcoming events, and more.

And if you're able and willing to help us care and find homes for animals in need in our community, don't forget our wish list! At the top of the list this week are bleach, dish and laundry soap, canned cat food, and clay kitty litter. We thank you for your donations, big or small. We could not do what we do without your help.