This month's Destination Wellness Series on Monday, Aug. 8, from noon to 1 p.m. at the Camden Public Library features Susan Bakaley Marshall and Chris Marshall, who will talk about Shamanism's Power for Health and Healing.

Around the world, shamanism is a common practice for gaining knowledge and healing in indigenous as well as urban cultures. A 40,000-year-old tradition, shamanism is the altering of consciousness to travel to spiritual realms to call on spirit power for the good of self, others, and all life. The term “shaman” comes from the Tungus of Siberia, but core shamanic methods are found on every continent and don't derive from any single tradition’s sacred rituals. In this interactive session, we'll explain key points about shamanism, experience the drum, and interweave questions and discussion.

The Marshalls will talk about the journey to explore spirit worlds and get information, power animals and spirit teachers. Most of us can learn to evolve relationships with spirit teachers and power animals for receiving guidance and healing, and they'll present some next steps for those interested.

Chris Marshall is a retired professor of anthropology. Susan Bakaley Marshall is a board certified art therapist, licensed clinical counselor and shamanic practitioner, and a graduate of the advanced three-year training program of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. They have been studying and practicing shamanism for 25 years and have taught basic and advanced classes in core shamanism for 18 years.

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