Jim Bouchard has been officially certified as the first Libertarian candidate for Congress in Maine's history. He is running against incumbent Democrat Chellie Pingree and Republican Mark Holbrook.

Bouchard must run as a write-in, though his name will be listed on the official roll of write-in candidates. He is also operating with a very lean budget, according to a press release from his campaign.

“Part of the problem in politics is the money. That’s no secret. It’s ridiculous that it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to compete for a congressional seat. Couldn’t that money be put to much better use?” Bouchard said in the release. He said he plans to run a “lean” campaign –– trying to fund on the go and spend only what is absolutely necessary along the way.

Along with other Libertarian candidates in Maine, including Richard Light running for Congress in the 2nd District, Bouchard will capitalize on the growing wave of awareness for the Libertarian alternative driven by presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who will be in Maine in August.

During the time Johnson is in the state, the Libertarian Party of Maine is planning an event to introduce Bouchard, Light and other party candidates.

“People tell me they’re sick of the processed choices from the major parties –– they’re sick of checking off the ‘lesser of two evils,’" Bouchard said in the release. "By writing in your choice you are making an incredible statement –– that you care enough to truly choose someone who shares your values and goals for our country.

“First –– we’ve got to stop out-of-control federal spending. We’ve got to cut up the federal ‘credit card’ that’s pushing us closer to bankruptcy by the day.” He said both major parties continue this trend, and that the tipping point is much closer than either major party acknowledges. “At the same time, we’ve got to stop the increasing intervention of the federal government in private life. We’ve got to stop the federal government from throwing people in jail for collecting rainwater in a barrel, raiding dairy farms with SWAT teams and confiscating private property to turn over to developers.”  he said.

Bouchard is an internationally recognized leadership speaker and author of "The Sensei Leader" and "Think Like a Black Belt." He is a resident of Brunswick and a volunteer mentor, conducting a leadership program for residents at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland.

For more information about Bouchard and his campaign, contact Alexandra Armstrong at RadioPRAlex@gmail.com or 751-4317.