Terry Callery will share his experience this past spring walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain at the Thomaston Public Library, 60 Main St., Aug. 3 at 7 p.m. Callery will share his experience as a pilgrim: the preparations, cost, how to choose the best accommodations and photos.

A significant pilgrimage since the Middle Ages, the journey ends where St James the Apostle is buried in Santiago de Compostela. With just 20 pounds in his backpack, Callery took 48 days to complete the journey. Most guidebooks assume a trek of 33 days, so Callery is currently working on a book about his experience, the "Slow Camino."

"It is not a race to the end, it is about a walking meditation and finding the Easter Eggs along the way", Callery said. Starting in the Pyrenees Mountains in the Basque region of France, going through Pamplona and the vineyards of Navarra and Rioja, seeing the Gothic cathedral in Leon and passing through the wheat fields beyond, Callery finally reached ther mountains of Galicia, a favorite part of the long journey.

Callery has lived and worked on the Midcoast for 30 years. He was educated by Benedictine Monks before receiving a bachelor's degree in philosophy at Yale.