The Destination Wellness Series at the Rockland Public Library, 80 Union St. presents psychotherapist Gary Chapin, Aug. 2 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.Chapin will give a talk on clinical hypnosis and its wide range of applications, from sports psychology and medicine to treatment for trauma and personal growth.

“Therapeutic hypnosis as a personal resource is powerful, efficient, and elegant” Chapin said. "In addition to simply improving symptoms or difficulties, or completely eliminating them, it can be used by anyone with an inquiring mind to explore imagination, creativity and consciousness."

Those in attendance will be offered the opportunity to experience therapeutic hypnosis and to create, through therapeutic imagery, a personalized set of tools for behavioral change and well-being.

Prior to opening a private practice in Camden, Chapin served in the public sector as a clinical consultant for the state of Connecticut, providing consultation for crisis intervention therapists, trauma workers, and child protection teams. He developed and implemented programming in child protection that addressed the mental health needs of alcohol- and drug-involved families and allowed for the specialization of networking in the medical, mental health and family court systems.