The following deed transfers were recorded from July 11-15 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Carl F. Danielson to Randy D. McKee and Morgan L. McKee.


Helen E. Upper Trust and Richard B. Upper Tr. to Robert W. Goggin.

Joseph L. Hamlin and Sydia V. Hamlon to Jeffrey F. Rasmussen and Christine M. Rasmussen.

Peter B. Fleming and Barbara M. Fleming to Jedediah A. Schwalm, Mary L. Morelli Schwalm and Licia Schwalm.

Porter Holdings Inc. to William W. Galloway and A. Melaine Galloway.

Stephen A. Jordan and Susan M. Jordan to Midcoast Investment Holdings LLC.


Maizie Joy Newcomb Est. and Frederick M. Newcomb III to Florence N. Verrill.


Timothy K. Dresser and Lisa E. Dresser to James Blanchette.

North Haven

Theodore P. Margaris to Barbara S. Lane.


David H. Heft to David H. Heft and Renee Finberg Heft.

Aurora LLC to Walsh LLC.

Paul A. Pratt Sr. and Kathleen R. Pratt to Valorous Enterprises LLC and Mike Puiia Rentals.

Joyce E. Betts to Eric D. Burr and Courtney J. Burr.


Jonathan Vargo and Amy Vargo to Daniel R. Williams and Leslie R. Williams.

Stuart G. Smith and Marianne W. Smith to Jane C. McKean.

Pasqua F. Leary to Anthony N. Iarrapino.

South Thomaston

Jerry L. Mather Tr. and Jerry L. Mather Revocable Trust to Christopher S. Nolan and Mary K. Nolan.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Tr., Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc., OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC Atty. and Mortgage Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates to Paul Leach.

St. George

Christopher M. Jedrey and Micheline E. Jedrey to Helen Y. Savage Tr., Helen Y. Savage Revocable Trust, Henry L. Savage Jr. Tr. and Henry L. Savage Jr. Revocable Trust.

Merritt Thompson Carey to James Carey Jr. and Nan Carey.

Nan Carey and Nancy C. Bicknell to James Carey Jr.

James Carey Jr. to Nan Carey.

Michael O. Cranson to Kathleen V. Munroe and Robin D. Munroe.


Paul E. Tibbetts Tr., Nancy C. Tibbetts Tr. and Paul E. Tibbetts Living Trust to Paul E. Tibbetts.

W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Jennifer Barnard and Ruston Barnard Jr.


Town of Union to Darlene F. Darling.

Town of Union to Andrew S. Belcher.

Town of Union to George N. Williams Sr. and George N. Williams Jr.

Town of Union to Pauline M. Williams.

Town of Union to David Byrd and Ruth Byrd.

Town of Union to Kevin C. Smith and Deborah A. Jackson.

Jeremy Clough, Keri Melissa Lindberg, Theodore A. Keller Tr., Theodore A. Keller Revocable Trust, Robert Dunlap McKee, Hayes C. Batten, Douglas A. Hamill, and Susan Thais Hamill to Susan Thais Hamill.

Anthony V. Landi Jr. to Jonathan N. Powers and Kaitlyn A. Powers.


Jack E. Olson to William Ladd Olson, Angelyn A. Olson and Jack E. Olson.


Donald S. Aston and Christine G. Aston to Colleen J. McNamara and Robert W. Kelly.

Allan D. Vandett and Larina J. Vandett to Daniel Craig Hart and Natalie Ruth Hart.

Kathleen M. Benedict to Shina D. Barrows.

Jane P. Kruse, Ernestine P. Vermette and Edward B. Pero to Van H. Laliberte.

United States of America Agriculture and Vendor Resource Management Inc. to Daren Richardson and Sharon Richardson.

Christine Ruth Hupper Tr. and Lewis I. and Lillian G. Pinkham Revocable Trust to Thomas W. Helms Jr.


Rebecca W. Brace to Karl M. Meklin and Elaine J. Meklin.

Ann E. Lord Trust to Lisa Tracy.