Fond of felines? Wishing you had one of these quiet, quixotic, unquestionably dear companions to share your life with? Well, here's good news: as of this writing, P.A.W.S.' cat rooms are so full, we can practically promise we have the right pet for you.

Want a kitten? We've got 'em. Seeking a pal with the spunk of a youngster but perhaps a bit more common sense? One of our "adolescents" — still less than a year old — might be just the ticket. Or maybe you want a more settled adult or dignified senior. Whatever your preference, we've got it covered.

Consider Zoomer, for example. This beautiful, black-and-white "tuxedo" cat is full-grown but still loves to play. She craves attention and will talk up a storm if you so much as walk by her. Zoomer came to us as a stray, so we don't know a lot about her background. But she's been easy-going from day one — except, that is, when she has to share center stage with another cat. She'd love an active home where she won't have to contend with other felines.

Sparky is another adult cat up for adoption. Technically, this handsome, orange, "marmalade" cat would have to be called a "senior," but he's definitely young at heart. Sparky did have issues when he arrived on our doorstep. He had a few bad teeth that had to be removed, and he had an infection where the claws on one of his enormous, double paws had grown too long and broken through the surrounding skin. Both problems have now been resolved, thanks to our expert vet, and Sparky feels good as new. All he needs are a loving home, good food, and a nice sunny window where he can sit and watch the birds. And please note: while Sparky has lived successfully with other cats, he also would not mind being your one-and-only.

In the meantime, with so many kitties to care for, we are in desperate need of canned cat food, kitty litter, and bleach, and we'd be immensely grateful for any of these supplies that you're able and willing to donate. We also invite you to visit our website, where you'll find a complete supplies wish list as well as information about volunteering, events, adoptable pets, and all things P.A.W.S. Feel free to call us at 236-8702; or, better still, come see us in person at 123 John St. in Camden. We're open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.