Our pet pick of the week is Snowball, a 4-year old Maltese mix. This adorable little ball of fur is fun and loves to play. He is fine with other dogs but would prefer a cat-free home. Like many small dogs, Snowball gets very attached to his people and has a tendency to be protective of them. For that reason, we would recommend a home without small children. Snowball would love a home where he can be doted on but given boundaries, plenty of play time and love.

It's not just all about dogs and cats at the Pope Memorial Humane Society. We have plenty of other critters available for adoption. Just last week we adopted out a beautiful veiled chameleon named Xerxes and Spring, the canary. Currently, we have two guinea pigs, two rabbits, two rats and a pair of collared doves. (If it starts to rain for more than a week, we may begin to panic.)

Our guinea pigs are a mother and daughter duo – Nature Valley is 2 years old and Spices is 9 months. They are both friendly and hand-tamed. Our two female white rats, Kanga and Kojo, are also very friendly and hand-tamed. Jing is an adorable fluffy male Lionhead rabbit who is around 4 months old and Romper is a short-haired male rabbit. And last but not least is a our pair of cooing collared doves, Howl and Iona. They are a 5-year-old, bonded pair who should be adopted together. You never know what will turn up at the shelter looking for a home. We are very excited that in our new shelter facility, opening in the near future, the small animals will finally have a room to themselves where they don't have to share with very attentive neighboring cats.

As we get closer to moving into the new shelter, we are still looking for a few more items to make the animals more comfortable. Items like Kuranda beds for the dogs. Some of the beds currently in use are in very poor shape and we could use new ones to replace them. If you'd like to donate a new Kuranda dog bed, visit Kuranda.com/donate, where they offer a discount if you are buying a bed for a shelter. You can also find a link on our website at hskcme.org.

Wish list: Kuranda beds canned dog and cat food, large black garbage bags, hand soap, bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, gift certificates to Wal-Mart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses. Thanks for your support.