Dr. Steven P. Lary announces the recent addition of a new optometrist to his practice, Dr. Elizabeth Neville. Dr. Neville will start seeing patients on July 28.

Dr. Neville received her bachelor of science in 2001 from the University of Florida and doctorate of Optometry, with honors, in 2008 from New England College of Optometry. She completed her residency training at the Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Gainesville, Fla. and went on to practice with the VA for three years.

Dr. Neville then joined the eye care team at MCR Health Services, a community health center in Bradenton, Fla. Dr. Neville is a member of the Maine Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

A Florida native, Dr. Neville now resides in Lincolnville with her family. She brings thorough knowledge of ocular health to the practice with additional expertise in pediatric eye care, dry eye disease, ocular disease, and more.

Dr. Lary's private practice, established in 1993, is located at 38 Curtis Avenue just a half mile south from downtown Camden. Patients will now be scheduled five days a week. For more information on optometry, the practice, and doctors, please go to drstevenlary.com.