The following deed transfers were recorded from July 1-8 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Eugene F. Winchenbach Jr. to Eugene F. Winchenbach Jr. and Heidi A. L. Winchenbach.

Teri Young Hise to Douglas G. Hise.

Teri Young Hise to Douglas G. Hise.

Alan R. Gould to Darrell Grierson and Andrea Grierson.


George Tlapak and Helena Tlapak to Anne W. Webber.

Lisa E. Shepperd Pendleton to Winston A. Pendleton.

Winston A. Pendleton to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Vickie Foster and Larry Milliken to Lily Hamill and Nick Brown.

Susan E. Bryant to Sandra Konrad and Patrick Intelmann.

Donald A. Foshay Jr. to DAF LLC.

Harry H. Landon and Sheilah M. Landon to Eve Greene Marden.


Marlene J. Libby and Bruce D. Libby to Tessie Montgomery.


Jon Y. Dixon and Pamela Hunt Dixon to Pamela Hunt Dixon and Jon Y. Dixon.

Frances Louise Creamer Richardson Est. to Frances E. Richardson.


Kristine M. Petrich, Kristine M. Pendleton and Robert J. Petrich to Scott T. Horty and Robin A. Horty.

Carol B. Jaeger Tr, Mark T. Brown Tr. and Wadsworth True Family Camp Trust to Mark T. Brown and Janice T. Baxstrom.


Alan S. Miller to Richard L. Brodis Jr. and Pamela B. Brodis.

North Haven

Albert Hugo Pingree and Katherine Engelhard Pingree to Christopher W. Pingree.

Raymond L. Thayer to Edwin A. Thayer and Ruth W. Thayer.

Edwin A. Thayer and Ruth W. Thayer to Raymond L. Thayer.

Owls Head

Town of Owls Head to Joyce Betts.


Maine State Housing Authority and Bangor Savings Bank Atty. to United States of America VA and Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Schooner Bay Place LLC to Wilkinson Group LLC.

Rockland Savings Bank FSB to Dan Eaton and Leslie Eaton.

Tiffany L. Monroe, Tiffany L. Watson and Thomas M. Monroe to William E. Carr Sr. and Vicki A. Carr.

William W. Lannon Est. to Nancy E. Callahan.

Ian Hogan Emmott and Brianna K. Emmott to Ian Hogan Emmott.

M. N. Welt Tr., Connie M. Welt Tr. and M. N. Welt and Connie M. Welt Trust to Emily M. Mecklenburg.


Stephen B. Grant and Shay E. Grant to Shay E. Grant.

Helen G. Dugas Est. to Edith Spofford Watts Trust.

Melissa A. Savage to Jodi R. Hanson.

Marietta R. Raneri Tr. and Marietta R. Raneri Living Trust to Ronald W. Walker and Lorraine A. Walker.

William A. Foisy and Elizabeth M. Foisy to Randolph J. Smith and Barbara Smith.

Patricia F. Wood, Pauline Wood, Lawrence Wood, Amanda Wood Laihow and Leonard G. Wood II to David Chareth.

William O. Masters and Marcia A. Masters to Fannie S. Watson and Virginia M. Dodd.

James E. Fitz and Margaret Fitz to Amy Ayotte and Jeffrey Ayotte.

Brent O. Gallant and Janet S. Brown to Janet S. Brown.

Walter G. Shackford and Lorraine Shackford to Walter G. Shackford Tr., Lorraine M. Shackford Tr. and Walter G. Shackford and Lorraine M. Shackford Revocable Living Trust.

Anne C. Disher to Brian J. Dalessandro and Lydia E. Dalessandro.

South Thomaston

Barbara A. Burch and Barbara J. Kelley to Douglas L. Burch.

Susannah C. Jenks and Adam A. Call to Jasmyn E. Mayo and Sarah Laube.

St. George

Kenneth J. Sullivan Est. to Dennis A. Rackliff and Patricia A. Rackliff.

Hakan Granfors Tr., Elaine Granfors Tr. and Hakan Granfors and Elaine Granfors Living Trust to Scott A. Dougal and Janice L. Dougal.


Maritime Energy to Scott Kingsley.

Roger L. Rinehart and Dawn M. Rinehart to Marian E. Sargent.

Darryl J. Townsend and Heidi L. Townsend to High Island Sisters LLC.

Van Keith Herridge and Brenna Herridge to Timothy P. Giguere Jr. and Rachel G. Cook.

Julian S. Rubenstein Est. to Peggy A. Rubenstein.


Truman E Hilt to Robert W. Hoar and Alison A. Hoar.

Barbara J. Worden and John F. Worden to Gail Copeland.

Larry A. Esancy and Priscilla A. Esancy to Carrie E. Jamison.


George F. Clouatre and Sylvia R. Clouatre to George F. Clouatre, Sylvia R. Clouatre Tr., Freeman Clouatre Family Trust and Clouatre Family Trust.

Jeffrey A. Nims to Harold W. Poole and Sarah E. Poole.

Martha R. Gaston to Katherine A. Gaston.


Irven G. Starrett and Christine M. Starrett to Mark B. David and Virginia G. Hudak David.

Mark B. David and Virginia G. Hudak David to Mark B. David and Virginia G. Hudak.

Howard L. Wiley to Lawrence Michael Power and Claire E. Power.

Harlow M. Mank Est to Ruston N. Barnard and Lorna L. Barnard.

Howard B. Stetson to Jesse Ellison.

Elizabeth A. Dyer to Katherine F. Winchenbach.


Dennis A. Taylor and Jennie Mae Taylor to Austin G. Foster.

Willard Pierpont to Noah Perry.