The public is invited to hear Susan Gallo, Maine Audubon wildlife biologist and director of the Maine Loon Project present the State of Maine’s Common Loons at the Megunticook Watershed Association’s annual meeting on Tuesday, July 12, at 7 p.m. at Camp Bishopswood, located at 98 Bishopswood Road in Hope.

There will be a short business meeting before Gallo speaks at 7:30 p.m.

Ever wondered what goes on in the life of a Maine loon? Where do they go in winter? How long do they live? Why do they make those haunting calls at night? How many are there in Maine? This presentation answers these questions and many more, not just about the life of loons in Maine throughout the year, but also about the threats they face and conservation actions the public can take to help ensure loons thrive on lakes and ponds.

Highlighted in the presentation are the results from 30 years of loon monitoring by Audubon’s “loon count” volunteers and what has been learned from 25 years collecting loon carcasses and analyzing how they died, and how those results helped strengthen Maine’s lead sinker and jig ban. Bring in old lead tackle to exchange for lead-free alternatives that are better for loons and better for lakes.