The following deed transfers were recorded from June 24 – July 1 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Appleton Memorial Association to Town of Appleton.

Douglas G. Holgerson, Kathleen A. Holgerson and Cathleen Jack to Leroy Harrington.


Ralph O. Knowlton and Donna E. Knowlton to Law and Props LLC.

Maria L. Libby to Ariela N. Kuh.

Peter L. Kalajian and Kristin P. Kalajian to Judith S. Rokous and Christopher P. Rokous.


Maine State Housing Authority, Camden National Bank Atty and Matthew M. Barnett to Maine State Housing Authority.

J. G. Ray Jr. and Richard Henry Fornell to J. G. Ray Jr.

J. G. Ray Jr. and Richard Henry Fornell to Richard Henry Fornell.

Dorothy E. Simpson to Richard Randall and Tracey Randall.

Town of Cushing to Donald E. Saastamoinen.


Robert Lane and Esther M. Lane to Robert Lane Tr., Esther M. Lane Tr. and Lane Revocable Trust.

Robert Lane and Esther Lane to Daniel R. Lane Tr., Lorna M. Street Tr. and Lane Irrevocable Trust.

Angela M. Powell to Angela M. Powell and Gregory A. Powell.

Jacob L. Lee to Steven E. Genthner.


Dennis I. Wright and Sandra M. Wright to Duane S. Wright.

Isle Au Haut

Sarah Bowditch Mills and Andrew R. Bowditch to Diane Wendover Vallilee and Timothy Vallilee.

Amy Flewelling, Amy D. Van Doren and Dale R. Flewelling to Harold S. Van Doren Jr. and Ruth G. Van Doren.


Mary Grace Ginn Maddox to William Stuart Maddox.

North Haven

Christopher L. Tenpas and Janey E. Tenpas to North Haven Sustainable Housing.

Owls Head

Frederick P. Leahy Revocable Trust, Janice M. Leahy Revocable Trust and Frederice P. Leahy Tr. to Martha A. Mulhern and Michael J. Mulhern.

Anne A. Haher Est. to Francis H. Maher.

Gary S. Keating to Lary S. Keating. Gary S. Keating to Lary S. Keating.


Stephen Wayne Murphy, Paul Brian Murphy, Janice Lynn Murphy Hill and Gail Louise Doherty to Sandra A. Lathem.

Rachel Rivard Wilcox and Rachel Rivard to Heather J. Corson and Marlon S. Alarcon.

JETMAX LLC to Laura B. June.

Louise S. G. Rahmlow Tr. and Louise S. G. Rahmlow Declaration of Trust to Marilyn Campbell and Stephen J. Heenan.

Stephen Corson and Corson Auto Supply Inc. to Bradley M. McDonald.

Kaye Dahne Cousens to JETMAX LLC.


Dawn S. Tassi to William Vincent Shyne.

Kurt C. Anderson and Janet P. Anderson to Thomas E. Crosslin III and Ursula F. Crosslin.

Patricia N. Lewis to Richard A. Lewis Tr., Patricia N. Lewis Tr. and Lewis Management Trust.

Phillip MacClenner, Lori Jane MacDonald, Lori MacLennen and Phillip MacLennen to Michael D. Robertson and Christine P. Robertson.

Frances C. Hart to Jo Ann Plourde Tr., Frances C. Hart Tr. and F. Hart Revocable Living Trust.

Marcy M. Van Der Kieft and Peter Van Der Kieft to Richard T. Schotte and Mary Jane Schotte.

Christopher P. Fowles and Pamela J. Fowles to Debra E. Drake.

Michael R. Russell and Cheryl C. Russell to Michael R. Russell Tr., Cheryl C. Russell Tr. and Russell Family 2016 Revocable Trust.

Michael R. Russell and Cheryl C. Russell to Michael R. Russell Tr., Cheryl C. Russell Tr. and Russell Family 2016 Revocable Trust.

Richard Dohrmann and Debra Dohrmann to Frank J. Toole Jr. and Nancy D. Toole.

Jay E. Lockhart Trust and Jane H. Lockhart Trust to Daniel S. Hayes and Anne M. Hayes.

Richard A. Nightingale to Doreen Duke and Robert G. Duke Jr.

St. George

Charles s. Duback Est. to Amanda Camardo and Cora Hales.

Dennis W. Cushman, Rosemary L. Cushman and Megan Cushman to Elizabeth A. Giggey.

Richard I. Webb Est. to Mary L. Webb.

James Lehman to Mary L. Webb.

John A. Schier and Linda B. Schier to John A. Schier Tr., Linda B. Schier Tr. and John A. Schier and Linda B. Schier Family Living Trust.

Carolee Vanvalkenburgh to Michelle M. Cross.

Barbara A. Clark and Maryanne C. Vanasse to Frederick W. Schaltenbrand III.


Maine State Housing Authority to Sumner W. Kinney and Marjorie H. Kinney.


Shirley J. Ruminski to Wesleigh B. Miller and Angela Miller.

Carl B. Erickson Jr. to Frank Stockwell, Mark Stockwell and Beth Stockwell.

Penny I. Waldron to James F. Harford and Arlene P. Harford.

Paul A. Dodge to Tracey Morin.

Todd R. Johnston and Lisa D. Rogers to Robin E. Kaler.

Albert G. Doherty and Pamela R. Doherty to Jose L. Cordero III and Maida Kathleen Cordero.


Dannie D. Davis Est. to Daniel Furrow and Danielle Sullivan.

Scott D. Gould and Mindy L. Gould to L. Elisabeth Hamblin.

Wade S. Bartlett to Stanley K. Holloway, Linda S. Holloway and Stanley J. Holloway.