As summer heats up, local lobster fishermen from Maine are highlighted in a new tourism initiative called the Maine Lobster Trail.

Equally engaging for residents and visitors to the area, the Maine Lobster Trail offers the state's largest collection of lobster-related activities and is a perfect showcase for lobster ports such as Camden and Rockland.

Featuring photos and full profiles of unique lobster themed ways to Eat, Stay and Play throughout Maine, the Lobster Trail is available online at and through a respective mobile app.

Comprised of four coastal regions including Midcoast, the self-guided Maine Lobster Trail is partnered with industry organizations such as Maine-based Lobster Institute whose mission is to help sustain both the lobster resource and lobster fishery. The Maine Trail tells the story of lobster fishermen and then goes on to share numerous ways to enjoy the surrounding fishing communities. Just a few of the many Midcoast lobster experiences on the Maine Lobster Trail, includes a stay at the Whitehall Inn in Camden or Berry Manor Inn in Rockland, a visit to the Maine Lobster Festival in August, a lobstering tour with Camden Harbor Cruises and a lobster dining experience at Young’s Lobster Pound in nearby Belfast.

Importantly, the Maine Lobster Trail offers rural coastal communities a collaborative way to showcase their nautical and rustic beauty appeal. By shedding new light on a billion-dollar lobster industry the Maine Lobster Trail provides a fascinating story of the faces and places behind lobsters’ journey from trap to table.

“People are incredibly interested in where their food comes from”, said Christina Ferranti-Clift, spokesperson for the project. “Lobster is wild caught as it has been for hundreds of years in seaside lobster villages along the Maine coast. Lobster Trail was inspired by the life of lobster fishermen and engagement with their respective communities. We are providing consumers with fun and often educational connections on ways to enjoy lobster and how it gets to the table. On a yum scale from 1 to 10, this is an eleven.”

The Maine Trail offers a great resource for lobster-themed options and tourists to the region. Visitors from Asia, Europe and North America are currently using the Trail website as an inspirational planning tool and now have the option to download the Maine mobile app. As the IOS mobile app runs on a user’s geographic location, it’s a lobster lover best friend when they are here in Maine. With one press of a button, locals and visitors alike can find lobster related options available by distance — which can be filtered by key word search such as “town” or amenity like “waterfront”. With gorgeous photos, the Maine Lobster Trail app has live maps that pinpoint a user’s location and surrounding lobster themed lodging, eateries and closest activities. Built for instant gratification like finding a great lunch spot or lobster dinner, the mobile apps’ save functionality provides the ability for users to essentially build their very own lobster trail. Each listing on the Maine app, offers a little favorite button — which when selected, displays as an “app map” for easy day trip or weekend getaway planning.

Lobster lovers throughout Maine are invited to help build the Trail by sharing their own lobster favorites on social media with hashtag #lobstertrail. They can also wear a Lobster Trail Tee with the simple message “Life is Better with Lobster.” Available online for $10 (including shipping) the shirt aims to help highlight the lobster fishery with lobster fishermen profiled on the hang tags. Hand screened in the USA, these tees are a great way to wear local pride or show a love of Maine lobster. Visit or for more details.