The following deed transfers were recorded from June 17 to 24 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Catherine Valega Trust, Arnet Family Trust and Valega Beat Trust to Daniel McCrohan and Susan McCrohan.

Rachel L. Evangelos and Rachel L. Gray to Pieter A. Dijkstra and Patricia J. Dijkstra.


Brian K. Cassidy and Kathleen Cassidy to Melissa Maturich Hinsch.

Charles D. Gibson and Elizabeth K. Gibson to Kessler T. Horty.

Huckabee Family Trust and Colleen J. Huckabee Trust to Dennis J. Casey.

Diann D. Henderson and Constance L. Parker to Mary L. Quinn.

John K. Nevius III and Joan B. Nevius to William Buchholz and Kalla Buchholz.


Harry D. Carson and Deborah A. Carson to Barbara J. Powell.

Sharon R. Holmes to Karen LeBlanc and Sharon R. Holmes.


Claudia J. Coleman to Peter Trebbe and Karrie Trebbe.

Kenneth A. Simmons to Jonathan P. Murphy and Julie H. Murphy.


Timothy J. Crabtree and Anne D. Crabtree to Michael Parent.

Isle Au Haut

Van Doren Family LLC to Harold S. Van Doren Jr., Ruth G. Van Doren, Jill R. Marks, Jill R. Andrews, Jeffrey G. Grey and Deborah S. Van Doren.

Ruth G. Van Doren, Deborah S. Van Doren, Jill R. Marks, Mark Marks, Jeffrey G. Grey, Harold S. Van Doren, Harold S. Van Doren Jr., Jill Andrews and Karen Grey to Harold S. Van Doren Jr. and Ruth G. Van Doren.

North Haven

Foy W. Brown to Wesley Ellard Taylor Jr. and Katherine Hotchkiss Taylor.

Diana H. Hamilton to Diana H. Hamilton Trust and Diana H. Hamilton Trust.

Mariellen S. Schwentker to Andrew E. Schwentker and Frederic F. Schwentker.

Owls Head

Thomas T. Watkinson and Elizabeth Watkinson to Town of Owls Head.


Edward K. Mello Jr., Linda Mellow Teta and Denise Fehr to Bruce Mello and Dorothy V. Mello Estate.

Dorothy V. Mello Estate to Robert C. Buzderewicz and Carla F. Celona.

Timothy P. Dutille and Julie A. Dutille to George D. Finlay III and Kelly K. Finlay.

City of Rockland to Gereard T. Pittard and Carolee S. Pittard.

Matthew E. Phelan to Paula Mary Coil.

John Titus to Bruce Thomas Weis and Shirley Helen Weis.

Celena F. Cerovsky to Tracy LaBreck.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association and Daniel F. Cloutier to JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association.


John Schwetz and Phyllis A. Schwetz to John Schwetz and Jacqueline Defouw.

Katherine H. Fitzgerald to Harriott D. Snyder and Kurt D. Snyder.

Patricia N. Lewis and Richard N. Lewis to Richard A. Lewis and Patricia N. Lewis.

Gareth W. Gordon and Dominique M. Gordon to Gareth W. Gordon and Dominique M. Gordon.

Leroy A. Brown to Nicholas J. Citriglia and Kendra Emery.

Richard A. Lewis and Patricia N. Lewis to Richard A. Lewis Tr., Patricia N. Lewis Trust and Lewis Management Trust.

Stephen B. Grant to Shay E. Grant.

South Thomaston

Jane L. Sherburne to Jane L. Sherburne Trust and Jane L. Sherburne Revocable Trust.

Jane L. Sherburne to Jane L. Sherburne Trust and Jane L. Sherburne Revocable Trust.

Peter J. Tattersall and Jean A. Tattersall to Walter Joseph Galcik and Patricia Jean Brock Galcik.

Ray B. Fogg Estate to Randall R. Fogg, Dana G. Fogg and Cathy M. Paulsen.

John Whitall Stokes Trust, Francis C. Stokes Jr. Trust and Agnes Joy Trust to Richard L. Harris III and Catherine W. Harris.

St. George

Bryce S. Molloy and Gail E. Molloy to Bryce S. Molloy Trust, Gail E. Molloy Trust and Molloy Family Trust.


Ronald Stephen Ralph and Kelly J. Ralph to Rockland Savings Bank FSB.

Chad E. Black and Shannon L. Black to Kyle A. McLaughlin.

Cynthia M. Wolters Estate to Dorothy Black Trust and Cynthia Wolters Testamentary Trust.


Ronald W. Walker and Lorraine A. Walker to John Robert Miller Jr. and Jennifer A. Miller.

Thomas A. MacDonald and Joelle L. MacDonald to Black Duck Point LLC.

Linda Rae Philbrook Estate to Addie Annette Philbrook.

Jean Marie Curtiss to Jean Marie Curtiss Trust and Charles and Jean Curtiss 2006 Trust.


Macadeka LLC. to S. Allison Wilson.


Karren Hurley to Steven G. Reynolds and Kendra E. Holbrook.

Gerald S. Harriman to Kathleen V. Hartley.