Let's begin in the doggy department. We sometimes have only big dogs in our kennels, while many people want small dogs. Well, now, we have only small dogs. How small? How about 15 pounds or less? Besides a spunky little Pekingese-Pomeranian mix and a sweet Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, we have Razor and Acorn. These two micro-pups have been together their entire lives, and we'd like to keep it that way. Razor is one of the tiniest Chihuahuas you have ever seen, and his personality is as sweet as can be. His favorite thing to do? Sit on your lap and give you kisses! He is deeply in love with his Shih-Tzu girlfriend, Acorn, who's just as nice as he is. Although Acorn is a little more into toys and playing with sticks than Razor is, she too will be more than happy to sit on your lap. And because the two dogs together are smaller than your average medium-size canine, your lap can probably hold them both. Can you give these two loving lovers a home?

New faces abound in our cat rooms as well. Patches, a beautiful calico, will take her time getting to know you, and, like many calicos, she is not a huge fan of other cats. Don't get us wrong; she doesn't mind them and will most likely ignore them, but don't expect her to snuggle or play with them. Given a chance, Patches is sweet and easy-going. She likes to rub herself against you and probably wouldn't mind sitting on your lap — just don't rush her. Of course, if she does give you a little warning slap, no worries: she came to us declawed.

And speaking of new faces, how about adding yours to our crew?

In addition to searching for two new staff members to join the team, we're also looking for volunteers to help us answer the phone and welcome visitors. It's a fun and easy way to help out; there are several different shifts to choose from; and most shifts are only two-and-a-half hours long, so they won't take too big a chunk out of your day or week. If you're interested in doing this, or in another position, paid or volunteer, please give us a call at 236-8702, or, better yet, drop by the shelter at 123 John St. in Camden.

You can also find information about both volunteer and employment opportunities, as well as details about available pets, at our website, pawsadoption.org.