A household hazardous waste collection day will be held Saturday, June 25, from 9 a.m. to noon at the city solid waste facility on Limerock Street.

Hazardous waste drop-off is made available by the City of Rockland for city residents only. A transfer station sticker or proof of residency is required. One unit (5 gallons or 20 pounds) is allowed per resident for free. Additional waste is $25/unit.

Latex paint/architectural finishes are free and don’t count toward a unit.

Items allowed include:

– All paints

– Stains, thinners, paint strippers

– Waste fuels

– Solvents

– Pesticides

– Photography chemicals

– Swimming pool chemicals

– Old fire extinguishers

– Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

– Aerosol cans

– Compressed gas cylinders

Don't bring:

– Asbestos: Call ME Dept. of Environmental Protection at 1-800-4521942 or EPI at 786-7390.

– Commercial or industrial waste: Call ME Dept. of Environmental Protection at 1-800-452-1942 or EPI at 1-877-846-0447.

– Infectious and biological waste: Call your local hospital for instructions on disposal.

– PCB ballasts, thermometers and thermostats

Children should never handle Hazardous Materials.

How to Safely Handle Items

All items brought to the collection must be in sealed containers. Tighten caps and lids, leaving materials in the original labeled container when possible. Pack containers in sturdy, upright boxes and pad with newspapers. Sort and pack separately: paints, pesticides, household cleaners.

Never mix chemicals. Don't smoke around hazardous materials.

Place materials in vehicle, preferably in the trunk. Prevent box from tipping over in car. Go directly to the collection site.

Questions: Call Rockland Public Services at 594-0320.