As part of The Moving Wall’s installation through Memorial Day at Montpelier, there will be a ceremony for Gold Star families Sunday, May 29, at 2 p.m. The Moving Wall will be closed to visitors during the ceremony, to which the public is invited.

Gold Star Lapel Pins are presented to and worn by surviving spouses, parents and immediate family members of Armed Forces members killed in combat operations. Next of Kin Lapel Pins are presented to and worn by immediate family members of United States Armed Forces members who die while serving outside of combat operations. Gold Star Service Flags are displayed in memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation.

Families of the following servicemen will be honored during Sunday’s ceremony: Sayward N. Hall Jr., Owen H. Webster, Jonathan A. Sawyer, Gordon E. Tibbetts, Fred M. Ellis, Wayne C. Cyr, Norman J. Chavarie, Edward W. Tibbetts, Theodore G. Drew, Gardiner J. Brown, Fredrick H. Vester, Malcolm P. Libbey, Malcolm C. Dulac, Terry F. Drown and Ronald I. Kirkpatrick.