How do you celebrate your 70th summer? For Maureen Rubano of Union the plan is to visit Denali National Park in Alaska on the longest days of the year, when the sun never fully sets.

Alaska has always captured her imagination. Rubano now plans to make an epic road trip across the United States and Canada with her spouse, Courier-Gazette Copy Editor Sarah Reynolds, and their German Shepherd Cushla.

Readers are invited to travel along as they tow a 20-foot travel trailer 12,000 miles across the country, stopping at national parks and to visit family and friends, on the way to their ultimate destination.

Rubano and Reynolds met in 2000 and married in 2013. Rubano is a psychologist and has served as the director of mental health at the Maine State Prison. Reynolds has been working in the newspaper business since 1985 and first started with The Courier-Gazette in 2005.

They leave May 14 and will record their trek in Reynolds' blog, "Soul on the Road," and her column "Long Journey Home," on We are also planning to have a map, so you can track their progress.

Reynolds' blog will include the day-to-day events of the trip, as well as weekly columns and occasional “person-on-the-street” interviews. Enjoy the sights in her photos and videos.

These special features will only be available on VillageSoup and in the Courier-Gazette, so don't be left out of the adventure. Follow it online and in print with VillageSoup and Courier Publications beginning May 14.