Christine Annis of Rockport has opened Housecalls, a professional care service for pets.

Annis has worked professionally with animals for more than 35 years, doing everything from setting appointments to assisting with surgery in animal hospitals. After thousands of booked appointments, she began to notice something. There is a divide between urgent medical assistance and regular supportive care. This is how the idea of Housecalls was formed.

Housecalls delivers compassionate care for one's pets, right to their owner's door, filling that divide by providing professional care services to the comfort of one's home.

“At my age, and for people like me in a transitional time of life, this is the perfect opportunity to take the leap and follow our passions. It’s important to use our experience to make a difference. I choose to help pets and their people in a more personal and practical way. I wanted to create a service that embodies those values and connects caregivers and pets, bringing a needed service to homes," Annis said in a news release.

Pet care in one's own home isn't a new concept, but is a service that is returning. “Our growing pet population makes it difficult for veterinarians to handle less urgent needs. There are also many pet owners who have a hard time transporting their animals to a hospital, and I feel that animals often better respond to care when in their own environment,” Annis said.

She also acts as a liaison between animal hospitals and pet owners, helping to communicate and prioritize needs. “It's important to give doctors the information they need. By visiting homes and seeing the animals, Housecalls can relay relevant and important information that veterinarians must have to provide the best care possible. We are giving more room for the doctors to do what they do best."

Housecalls launched Jan. 4 in the Midcoast with plans to expand throughout the state.

Housecalls can be reached by calling or sending a text to their office at 542-8654, email, or send a message on the website at