Happy New Year from all of us at P.A.W.S.! We hope you enjoyed the holidays with your friends and family, both two- and four-legged! As we begin 2016, we're celebrating an exciting and successful year past.

So many of the dogs, cats, and kittens we loved and cared for found fur-ever homes in 2015, and although every single adoption is special, there are always a few we'll never forget. Secret's adoption stands out as one such shining moment. This beautiful, all-black kitty arrived at P.A.W.S. in 2005 as a small, trembling kitten and stayed with us for 10 years and one month! We never gave up on our special girl and knew it was only a matter of time before her rightful person or family would find her and fall in love. Sure enough, just before Christmas, her time came, and now this most deserving girl is, by all accounts, thriving in her new home.

But still at P.A.W.S. are other special kitties in need of that just-right someone. Krissy, for example, is not your typical lap cat. Found wandering the streets, she was trapped by a nice, caring person and brought to us by an animal control officer. We do not know much about Krissy’s background, but we do think she has been on her own for quite some time — or maybe she never really had a home at all. Krissy is what we would call a feral cat, and for feral cats, life in a shelter is not fun. They're wary of people and don't like being handled or having their surroundings cleaned. For these kitties, sometimes the best solution is a barn, where they can nap and catch rodents with minimal human intervention. But with Krissy, we're not so sure. She's not aggressive — just nervous when touched — so she might do fine in a home where she can be herself and go outside every now and then. Who knows? Maybe, like Secret, she will turn into a lap cat after all. Do you have room in your heart for this pretty orange lady? We would love to talk with you!

Abbie, too, came to us as a stray, or possibly feral, cat. She was accompanied by four kittens and wanted nothing to do with people. One of our wonderful volunteer foster caregivers took her and her litter in for a while, and the kittens soon found permanent homes, but Abbie — now safely spayed — is back with us. Much to our surprise, she has done a lot better without her babies by her side. She has started rubbing against our hands and recently won the title of Loudest Purrer in the House. She enjoys playing with laser lights, and while she does need a slow approach, we think she would love to become a house cat. Abbie is a pretty, little kitty with beautiful tiger stripes. Please come visit her and see for yourself how cute she is!

While at the moment we have only a few cats and no dogs in our care, rest assured it won't stay this way for long. In a blink of an eye, our kennels and condos could be full again, so it’s important that we stock up on cleaning and feeding supplies. Canned cat food is one thing we never have enough of, and to keep everything fresh and clean, we go through many bottles of bleach a week. If you're able to help us out by donating these or other supplies, please check our wish list on pawsadoption.org to see what we need most. And of course, as always, we hope to see you in person at 123 John St. in Camden, for a visit with the animals or just a friendly chat. You can reach us at 236-8702. With your help, we look forward to another great year.