From Dec. 11 to 13, five high school seniors and five adult leaders participated in a two-day Leadership Program retreat through Trekkers, an outdoor-based mentoring program that connects young people with caring adults. Held at Kieve-Wavus Leadership School in Nobleboro, the collaborative program provides experiential learning and lessons in leadership, and prepares participants for the opportunity to mentor younger Trekkers students.

Offered in a series of weekend retreats that begin when the student leaders are in the 11th grade, each training session focuses on a particular theme that is addressed through group discussion, reflection, games, journaling and team-building activities. The December leadership retreat for 12th-graders was focused on goal-setting, priorities and objectives, and included team-building initiatives and hands-on practice in facilitating games.

Each session in Trekkers’ two-year leadership progression helps students build on the topics and skills from the previous training. The students will then put their leadership skills to use when they volunteer as student leaders during Trekkers expeditions. Trekkers’ educational expeditions range from three to 12 days in length, and provide many ways for student leaders to act as role models, mediators and peer mentors for younger students.

The Leadership Program is part of the organization’s plan to build leadership skills and increase the number of student leaders who can support Trekkers youth. Historically, 46 percent of Trekkers students participate in the Leadership Program and become peer mentors for the younger students. More than 50 percent of this year’s 11th-grade Trekkers are participating in the Leadership Program.

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