Dec. 16 students completed their 12 weeks of study in the College Next program. In addition to refreshing their arithmetic and English skills, each student earned three college credits for the College Experience section of the course.

The real excitement for these new college students is enrolling in classes at University College at Rockland for the spring semester. As one College Next student said, “Inspired by the confidence that College Next instilled in me, I am a matriculated student about to begin her college experience in the spring semester. Would I add to or change anything about the program? No, I wouldn’t, because the program was exactly what I needed and expected. I was taught how to learn in a challenging and supportive environment, so I have nothing else to say except thank you.”

College Next is a program offered by Knox County College Transitions, a collaborative effort of Adult Education programs at RSU 13, Five Town CSD and Vinalhaven. The classes are held on campus at University College at Rockland, with a modern computer lab and classroom experience.

During the 12-week program, College Next students hone their academic skills and learn to navigate the online course management tools used by today’s colleges. Students also engage in actual college experiences: applying for financial aid, filling out paperwork for scholarships, using study and time management techniques, accessing online library resources.

Registration is now open for the winter/spring College Next program beginning Feb. 3. The course is open to adult learners with a high school credential and a desire to enter college. This program is supported by a grant from the Maine Department of Education, and instruction is offered free of cost.

For more information or to register call 691-5751 or email