Although 2015 is not yet officially over and our final, year-end statistics remain to be calculated, we are proud to report that in the past 12 months, PAWS adopted out more pets than it took in. In the cats-and-kittens category, we sheltered 293 and found homes for 303, and as for dogs, we took in 47 and adopted out 51. This is because a significant number of pets that came to us in 2014 or before were finally adopted in 2015, and while we love all the animals in our care, we must admit it's good to see so many empty kennels, cat condos, and communal cat rooms this holiday season.

What about you? Still hoping to adopt a kitty to start the new year? Nilla has been waiting for a home for a few months now. Although a beauty with her blue eyes and Siamese markings, Nilla was standoffish at first. She'd hide in the smallest, darkest place she could find, and when people walked up to her, she'd greet them with a hiss and a growl. But Nilla has changed. Now that the other cats who previously shared her room have been adopted, she's coming out of hiding, purring while she's brushed, and even standing at the door and begging for attention. She might never be a lap cat, to be sure, but she's definitely turning out to be the kind of kitty that will seek you out and enjoy being in the same room with you. Do you think you could give this beautiful, albeit portly, lady a quiet home where she can be the only cat (and maybe help her lose a few pounds while you're at it)? Come visit her!

Stormy is another special cat in need of a home. This all-gray stunner may not be a lap cat, but she can still be the life of the party, chasing strings, batting toy mice, and cavorting about in pursuit of laser lights. While she welcomes the occasional petting, Stormy's not much of a cuddler, and you can count on her to let you know — a bit too sharply sometimes — when she's had enough. But if you're looking for a self-reliant companion that also know how to have fun, Stormy just might be your girl.

As 2015 ticks to a close, Nilla, Stormy, and the rest of us at P.A.W.S. look back with gratitude on a banner year. With your generosity and support, we were able to move into a beautiful new home — one that will allow us to provide state-of-the-art care and do far more for the pets and the people of our local communities than ever before. But even more importantly, 2015 was the year hundreds of wonderful dogs, cats, and kittens saw their dream of a loving new home come true. And that's thanks to you — the many kind people who found it in your hearts to donate, volunteer, and adopt.

This New Year's, why not make a resolution to join us as we work toward a bright future for pets and people throughout the communities we serve? Check out our website,, to see how you can help; or, even better, come visit us at 123 John Street in Camden. We're open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed Mondays). And be sure to call us, at 236-8702, anytime you have a question or concern.