Santa Claus, accompanied by Camden Community Development Director Karen Brace, stopped by The Camden Herald during his visit to Camden last week and graciously agreed to answer these Five Questions:

How do you get to all of the houses in just one night?

My reindeer are all about staying in shape, and by December they're pretty speedy. I can tell you, hanging onto that sled with the wind whistling past me is not easy. We lose a few presents now and then. It's a wonder my hat stays on.

How do you get down the chimney when it is hooked up to the wood stove?

Well, generally, I don't give hints. Let's just say that I circumvent. If a stove is lit it's a problem, especially for the fur on my jacket.

When you land in Camden by boat, where do you leave the sled and the reindeer?

Those nice local captains pick me up wherever I choose to land, so I like to try the different islands. From the sky, I can spy those with open land that may have a bit of grass for my reindeer. I never land on Curtis Island though, in case I'm seen. If we were discovered you can imagine how folks would want to come out and take pictures. The reindeer can get spooked, and many of the elves are camera-shy.

You are so busy, when do you, Mrs. Claus and the elves get to celebrate Christmas yourselves?

We're all pretty tired until the 27th. Traditionally, that's the day we celebrate. The reindeer get presents as well, like new bells, new reins, those sorts of things. Anything but carrots.

What is your favorite type of cookie?

You ask some tough questions! I think it would have to be gingerbread. I had hoped to go to the Christmas by the Sea gingerbread cookie decorating event, but had other obligations. If I had gone, who knows how many gingerbread cookies I might have tasted! Mrs. Claus reminds me that my belly already shakes like a bowlful of jelly, but after she teases me she says that she really likes my look. That gives me a chuckle.  Ho, ho, ho!