Two teenagers, including one from Rockland, were killed in a car crash on Wotton's Mill Road in Union just before midnight Dec. 5 after the driver failed to stop for a police officer.

The driver, Caleb Byras, 17, of Litchfield and passenger Kara Brewer, 16, of Rockland were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Another passenger, a 17-year-old female from Warren, survived the crash with non-life-threatening injuries.

Just prior to the crash, Rockport Police Officer Craig Cooley had attempted to stop Byras's car, a 2001 Subaru station wagon, on Route 17 in Rockport for speeding. Cooley notified Knox County Regional Communications Center that the car was not stopping on his signal as Byras proceeded west on Route 17.

When Cooley saw Byras turn until Wotton’s Mill Road and accelerate away, the officer notified dispatch that he had lost sight of the car, according to Knox County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Tim Carroll. Wotton's Mill Road is a twisty, narrow road and it is dangerous to drive it at a high rate of speed, Carroll said.

While he was no longer in active pursuit, Cooley proceeded down Wotton's Mill Road because he was concerned about the situation.

More than two miles down the road, Cooley came upon the crash scene.

The car had gone off the opposite side of the road and crashed into a tree, splitting the vehicle into two sections. Carroll said the two sections were more than 100 feet away from each other. The two in the front seat were pronounced dead at the scene and the third passenger was taken to the hospital by Union Ambulance.

Cooley had stopped and summonsed the driver for speeding approximately an hour before the crash, clocking him on radar for speeding on Route 17. At that time Byras had been alone in the car.

Speed was a factor in the crash, Carroll said.

Hope and Union Fire assisted on scene and the crash is being reconstructed and mapped by Maine State Police.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Baroody came to the scene of the crash, as is standard practice in fatalities, Carroll confirmed. In any fatality, the driver's blood is tested for alcohol and drugs.

Carroll said the Attorney General's Office has decided not to investigate the case. He said the sheriff's office informed the AG's office of the crash because it involved a police chase and the AG's office was also informed of the circumstances in the crash.

The one survivor of the crash has been released from the hospital. Her name is not being released because she is a minor.