Pen Bay Medical Center is working in partnership with the Knox Emergency Management Agency and Northeast Mobil Health to stage an emergency response drill. The drill, which will occur at a predetermined but undisclosed time during the next week, will implement plans, policies and procedures in a coordinated response to the exercise scenario.

This will be a compact exercise in a real-world environment. Units, personnel and equipment will be mobilized much like they would be in a real emergency. Missing, however, will be the lights and sirens which are only used in actual emergency responses. While this is only a training exercise, it is intended to require a higher level of response coordination and performance from emergency responders in a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional environment.

For this exercise Pen Bay Medical Center will practice the response procedures for dealing with a mass casualty situation. The scenario was developed to satisfy specific training objectives of Pen Bay Medical Center and Northeast Mobil Health, and will include enough variables that no single response team can resolve the incident alone. It will test existing public agency response plans along with Pen Bay Medical Center’s disaster preparedness plan.

Exercises of this kind are a frequent occurrence in Maine as public and private sector organizations continually improve response plans and procedures. The agencies and organizations involved have been working together to plan this exercise since last winter. Through their cooperation and hard work, they are showing their commitment to the safety of their community and to providing the best emergency response possible to those who might require it in the future.