The University of Maine System is offering Osher New Beginnings Scholarships to encourage more Maine people of all ages to give college a try.

The Osher New Beginnings Scholarship was established for those who are first-time college students or have not attended college in five or more years and have completed 30 or fewer credit-hours. An Osher Scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, fees and books for one course. Students need not be accepted to a degree program to be eligible to receive an Osher New Beginnings Scholarship.

"Several New Beginnings Scholarships are available at the University College at Rockland; it is important that students apply now for the fall semester,” said Deborah Meehan, director of University College at Rockland. “To help reduce barriers for first-time and returning adult students, the application process is quick and easy, and an adviser is here to answer questions and help people get started.”

Susan Crosby, a mother who stressed the importance of education to her now-adult children, received an Osher New Beginnings Scholarship.

She admits that when she first attended college after high school she was not focused. Now, as a middle-aged former stay-at-home mom who answered the “what’s next” question after a divorce, she knows what she wants her future to be. Earning a college degree is imperative to achieving her life goals.

“Returning to college has been a wonderful experience,” she said. “I have received exceptional guidance from the University College staff, and have been supported every step of the way. My professors are excellent. I highly recommend University College.”

For more information about Osher New Beginnings Scholarships, contact University College at Rockland at 800-286-1594 or visit