Pen Bay Healthcare and Waldo County Healthcare were recently notified by the Department of Health and Human Services that the Certificate of Need was approved for formation of a new parent company. PBH and WCH will remain separate organizations, each with its own operations and medical staff. This formal partnership allows the two organizations and their medical staffs to continue to work closely together to develop integrated services which will enhance patient care, control the rising cost of health care, and improve the health of people in the communities they serve. the two organizations will officially begin operating as a unified system under the legal name of Coastal Healthcare Alliance Dec. 1.

Over the last year, the boards of directors, their medical staffs and the community have engaged in a strategic planning process to determine local health care needs and how best to meet those needs as one organization. Coastal Healthcare Alliance will have a unified Board of Trustees consisting of 20 members (10 from each hospital), plus both medical staff presidents, Mark Biscone, president and CEO Coastal Healthcare Alliance and Bill Caron, CEO MaineHealth. These members represent the community at large, as well as clinicians from both hospitals. They were mostly selected out of the current pool of board members from Pen Bay and Waldo.

Both Pen Bay Healthcare and Waldo County Healthcare are members of MaineHealth, one of the nation's top 100 integrated healthcare delivery networks. “MaineHealth has a long history of collaboration, innovation and leadership in health care. With their guidance, we will use nationally recognized best practices to develop thoughtful, cost-effective healthcare solutions that provide lasting value in our local communities,” said Mark Biscone, president and chief executive officer of Pen Bay Healthcare/Waldo County Healthcare.