A 55-year-old Rockport man with a criminal history dating back 36 years was charged over the weekend for sexually assaulting one victim and causing injury to another.

Tyrone Trask was arrested Oct. 18 after Rockport Police Sgt. Travis Ford was called to a Camden Street residence by two men who said Trask assaulted one of them by grabbing him and scratching his ear. The man's ear was bleeding when Ford arrived. The men explained to police the altercation happened when they confronted Trask about an incident that had occurred the night before, when Trask allegedly sexually assaulted one of the men, according to the affidavit filed in court by Ford.

Trask then came out of the residence and told one of the men speaking with the officer that he wanted to fight him, the sergeant's report says.

Ford told Trask to stop repeatedly, but the defendant continued toward one of the men until the officer restrained and arrested him. Sgt. Matthew Elwell of the Knox County Sheriff's Office arrived and asked the men to fill out statements while Ford took Trask to the Knox County Jail.

On the way to the jail, Trask threatened the officer, telling him he was going to have somebody kill him. Up until this point, Trask had refused to give his name, but when he threatened Ford, the sergeant remembered having the same threat lodged against him at an earlier time, and he realized the man was Trask. Trask was also charged with disorderly conduct.

Ford then went back to the residence to speak with the two victims. One victim said Trask had been in a common area of the residence and had grabbed him and tried to put his hands down his pants. The victim then left the area to get away from Trask, the affidavit says.

A witness to the incident said she did see Trask assault the victim, and that at one point, Trask stripped naked.

The state requested bail be set at $5,000 cash. Attorney of the day James Mason countered with a $500 cash bail request, and Judge Joseph Field set the bail at $1,000 cash.

Trask's criminal conduct includes a gross sexual misconduct conviction and multiple assault convictions.

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