The annual fall Maine Coastal Cleanup Day, set this year for Sunday, Sept. 20, has become a multimedia community celebration, thanks to the convergence of several groups dedicated to different aspects of the Midcoast’s — in this case, specifically Rockland’s — appeal.

Maine Coastal Cleanup Day is the single largest volunteer event in the state, and Rockland’s participation will have volunteers of all ages cleaning up trash along the city’s South End shoreline. That area is adjacent to the newest section of the Rockland Harbor Trail, which eventually will go from Mechanic Street to the Breakwater.

On Sunday, Georges River Land Trust and the Rockland Harbor Trail Committee will host an enhanced edition of Maine Coastal Cleanup Day at Snow Marine Park, off Mechanic Street. The cleanup itself will run from 10 a.m. to noon Sunday. At noon, under the big Sharp’s Point tent, there will be a barbecue lunch for the cleanup crew, as well as displays and educational materials about marine debris. At 1 p.m., the public is invited to witness the official opening of the new Mechanic Street segment of Harbor Trail, which was under construction all summer. And there will be a reception for an on-site installation of art created from various kinds of debris, marine and otherwise.

The installation is the work of Resisting Entropy, a group of local artists, led by Asymmetrick Arts owner Jared Cowan, that has made a practice of collaboratively creating art out of discarded materials in a short span of time. Previous Resisting Entropy “creative arts experiments” have involved pulling all-nighters in gallery settings, either Cowan’s Main Street space or the Center for Maine Cotemporary Art’s recently vacated “barn” in Rockport.

“We’re really excited to be working outside … and collaborating with Georges River Land Trust and the Harbor Trail,” Cowan said a week before the event.

The Resisting Entropy group will be in the park Saturday, Sept. 19, creating new work out of old building supplies and whatever else they compile for this edition. The public is invited to come down to Snow Marine Park and watch them at work — at a safe distance, of course.

“We don’t want to have to pass tetanus shots around,” Cowan said.

The veteran Resisting Entropy artists have gotten used to working with found objects of questionable structural integrity — there is often a lot of disassembling in the early stages. And there will be several participants taking a crack at the creative challenge for the first time.

“For us, Resisting Entropy is more about the process than it is the products that result, working against the clock and collaborating with each other … we like to bring in new creatives who want to do different things,” Cowan said.

While the CMCA editions (2013 and this spring) took place behind closed doors, the premiere Resisting Entropy gathering in 2010 at Asymmetrick Arts was visible in-process through the downtown storefront’s windows.

“It was kind of like working in a terrarium,” said Cowan. He said he and his fellow artists are looking forward to interactions with spectators as they work outside at Snow Marine Park, “lifting the veil that separates those who make things.”

Because “the build” is taking place outside in daylight hours Saturday, Cowan said he expects the vibe will be more relaxed than in previous Resisting Entropy installations. And the resulting work itself may not be on display past the weekend, so this Resisting Entropy event really accentuates the ephemeral aspect of this kind of art-making. Cowan said his sculpture instructor in art school was someone who did land art installations, so there’s an aesthetic to this edition he appreciates.

“We’ve had a goal of doing of doing a Resisting Entropy weekend that would be part camping trip/part event, so this will be good practice for that,” he said.

At press time, the artists scheduled to be part of this weekend’s Resisting Entropy event at Snow Marine Park included Cowan, Alexis Iammarino, Andy White, Bethany Engstrom, Chris Gamage, Trelawney O'Brien, Scott Sell and Greg Pinto.