The Board of Directors of Regional School Unit 40 will hold a district-wide meeting Aug. 11 to hear public comment on its proposal to return $292,375 of additional state revenue back to the towns it serves.

This was one of three options the board considered before unanimously following the recommendation of Superintendent Steve Nolan and authorizing the motion.

The other two options were to do nothing and let the extra subsidy flow into the fund balance at the end of the fiscal year or spend the extra subsidy and decide which budget article(s) to open.

Should voters opt to return the revenue to the towns, the local contribution amounts will be:

— Friendship's $1,522,657 would decrease by $38,506 to $1,484,151

— Union's $1,719,204 would decrease by $43,476 to $1,675,727

— Waldoboro's $4,087,011 would decrease by $103,355 to $3,983,656

— Warren's $3,069,594 would decrease by $77,626 to $2,991,968

— Washington's $1,163,093 would decrease by $29,413 to $1,133,680

This change will require voters to approve appropriating $20,273,708 for the total cost of funding public education from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 in the Essential Programs and Services Funding Act.

The meeting will be held at Medomak Valley High School at 7 p.m.

Each town will hold a referendum on Tuesday, Aug. 18. Polling times and places will be forthcoming.

RSU 40 services the towns of Friendship, Union, Waldoboro, Warren and Washington.

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