Freedom, a wild mustang being trained by Wendy Harvey of Equine Connections, has come a long way in her nearly 90 days of training.

The wild mustang, who came from Bureau of Land Management property in Wyoming, first arrived in Hope April 11 and had been virtually untouched by humans.

As part an Extreme Mustang Makeover through the Mustang Heritage Foundation, Harvey has until Aug. 7-8 to train the horse for a competition at the Topsfield Fair Facility, in Topsfield, Mass. Harvey has to be able to get her in and out of the trailer, show the horse in-hand, riding, cantering and avoiding obstacles. If she scores among the top 10 in the first day of competition, she will go on to a freestyle competition the following day.

"[During] the last two weeks, she's come along way," Harvey said July 27 of Freedom's training.

Harvey said when she first rode Freedom the first week of June, the first few rides went OK, but when Harvey would go to get off her, Freedom would take off. So she backed-off slightly with the training and on July 27, Harvey was teaching the mustang to turn at the canter.

When she first arrived at Equine Connections, Harvey had placed her in a corral. She now has been integrated into a herd, which she loves, Harvey said.

Following the competition, the horses will be placed up for adoption and Harvey said one of the women who works with her is hoping she will be able to make that happen.

"We've all kind of bonded with her. We are all in love with her," she said.