Maine native Alec Brainerd grew up sailing wooden boats and took sailing jobs that allowed him to travel the world and hone his skills on the water.

After buying and disassembling a boat, Brainerd needed to learn how to rebuild it, so he attended boating school. But he built more than that one boat – he built a business, founding Artisan Boatworks, which specializes in the construction and restoration of classic wooden boats.

Now, Artisan Boatworks is getting national attention from Deluxe Corp.’s Small Business Revolution documentary project. The Small Business Revolution, which also features "Shark Tank" star Robert Herjavec, is a yearlong campaign that celebrates the vibrancy, variety and community impact of small businesses across the country. Its latest story is a photo essay (click here to view) profiling Artisan Boatworks, one of 100 profiles of small businesses that will debut throughout 2015 on Small Business Revolution's website,

Brainerd is doing more than constructing and restoring wooden boats. He is building local relationships and ensuring that others can experience the joy he receives from boating. Furthermore, Brainerd’s teamwork approach is apparent in every detail. Viewing himself as more of a “facilitator” than a boss, the personal touch that he provides is what helps set apart so many great small businesses – and it's what the Small Business Revolution is all about.

Deluxe, a check printing company based near St. Paul, Minn.,  developed the Small Business Revolution to focus on the importance of personal touch and local involvement in an era when business is becoming increasingly impersonal. The campaign is capturing the stories of small businesses and their customers, families and friends – all of whom are a crucial part of what makes our communities whole.

The Small Business Revolution will unfold throughout 2015, as a part of Deluxe’s 100th anniversary celebration. Since 1915, Deluxe has helped small businesses and financial institutions grow and thrive by providing a range of business services, from websites and logos to social media and email marketing to checks and other financial services.

The Small Business Revolution will also award $25,000 to one small business later this year. Anyone can nominate their favorite small business on the Small Business Revolution website and Shark Tank's Herjavec will help Deluxe choose the winner who best exemplifies the Small Business Revolution spirit. The person who nominates the winning business can see how it feels to be a "shark" by personally delivering the $25,000 prize.