Cool temperatures could have been part of the reason for much smaller crowd than last year, however that did not deter 58 brave souls from competing in the 2015 Run for Your Life Emergency Services Challenge at the Camden Snow Bowl May 23.

The event raises awareness and encourage citizen involvement in local public safety departments, as well as, the need of younger, motivated and physically fit firefighters, EMT's and police to replace an aging population in the field, according to Hope Fire Chief Clarence Keller.

Competitors in three different heats navigated a 5-kilometer course up one side of Ragged Mountain across the top and down the other side. The course was loaded with obstacles and challenges that tested the participants to the extreme. Lifting sand bags, crawling under barbed wire and through a culvert and jumping over fire were some of the challenges on the way to the finish line.

The overall best time was turned in once again by Jack Hauprich of Camden, who completed the course in 36 minutes, 58.94 seconds. Caleb Pease of Appleton finished second with a time of 40 minutes, 50.82 seconds. The top female finisher was Emily Lopez of Camden, with a time of 42 minutes, 46.12 seconds. Taylor-Jo Quint, of Hodgdon, was the second female finishing the course in 50 minutes, 43.26 seconds.

The top 25 finishers were:

1. Hauprich, Camden, 44:42.29

2. Pease, Appleton, 40:50.82

3. Stevenson, Roland, Knox, 40:55.51

4, Winn, Alex Camden, 42:44.91

5. Lopez, Emily, Camden, 42:44.91

6. Graffam, Ryan, Rockport, 43:42.59

7. St. Cyr, Shawn, Jefferson, 51:26.63

8. Wright, Gabe, Lincolnville, 47:16.32

9. Graffam, Brandon, Rockport, 49:41.12

10. Quint, Hodgdon, 50:43.26

11. LeClerc, Nick, Camden, 51:18.58

12. Copeland, Alex, Lincolnville, 55:00.78

13. Flood, Benjamin, Belfast, 55:01.67

14. Golder, John, Windham, 55:40.72

15. Chacon, Christopher, Rockport, 56:40.72

16. Pickering, Jamie, Lamoine, 56:28.54

17. Lambert, Miranda, Ellsworth, 56:34.13

18. Smith, William, Camden, 56:51.92

19. Rader, Dana, not town listed, 58:28.79

20. Jones, Rob, no town listed, 59:51.69

21.Markham, Randy, Morrill, 1.13:25

22. Smith, Chris, Camden, 1.01:10.71

23. Wagner, Alexa, Camden, 1.01:10.71

24. Weston, Angie, Rockland, 1.02:13.53

25. Roman, Chris, Rockland, 1.02:14.49

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