Waldoboro resident Katie Winchenbach presented a citizens' petition to the Board of Selectmen Feb. 10 asking for the removal of Town Manager Linda-Jean Briggs.

The petition, presented to the board at its regular meeting, contained 71 signatures, according to Board Chairman Clinton Collamore.

Winchenbach said Feb. 11 much of the concern started when the town clerk, Linda Perry, was moved from the front office "to a desk out back, where she supposedly could be monitored."

"Everybody loves her. She is a hard worker," said Winchenbach of Perry, who has been with Town Office for 12 years. "Nobody will tell us what the reason is that this occurred," added Winchenbach.

Winchenbach said in talking with various people around town, "there is more animosity toward the town manager than just the monitoring of the town clerk.

"Many citizens feel she is not town manager material," said Winchenbach, who added that she gathered as many signatures as she could in a week's time, notwithstanding three snowstorms.

"There was no action taken," said Collamore Feb. 11. "We will take it under advisement."

Collamore said he was unsure how the matter would proceed.

A cover letter signed "Citizens of Waldoboro," handed to the board with the petition indicated the petitioners were aware an executive session previously scheduled with the board following the meeting was to address Briggs' evaluation. They wanted to be sure their concerns were heard. No information on the evaluation was forthcoming.

"I was hired to serve the entire community of Waldoboro and intend to do that to the best of my ability," said Briggs in a telephone interview Feb. 11. "I expect to serve through this contract term and welcome an extension," she added.

Briggs had previously served as town manager for Dexter for two years before resigning in October 2013, despite a contract renewal that was to extend her position to July 1, 2014.

"I left Dexter following a total turnover of the seven-member council," said Briggs in an interview last March. She had stated the new council expected to go in a different direction than the one she had been persuing, and added "My style no longer fit."

"I am a very strong, confident and decisive leader," said Briggs Feb. 11. "I enjoy being in a community that embraces those qualities and trust the citizens of Waldoboro are looking to do just that."

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