Provides solutions

Ellen Winchenbach supports her constituents! I know from experience. I needed a culvert in the front of my home in Waldoboro, so I called Ellen. She listened to me as well as provided a solution to my problem. Ellen contacted the right people in Augusta and the project was completed within a week. I am grateful for her concern and interest in the people of her district.

Ellen is campaigning for re-election as state representative for the new District 91, which includes Waldoboro, Friendship, Washington, and parts of Union.

Please join me on Nov. 4, 2014 and vote for Ellen Winchenbach.

Neal Shuman


Votes his conscience

This letter is written to give my strong endorsement of Jeffrey Evangelos who is a candidate for re-election to Maine Legislative District 91, representing the towns of Friendship, Waldoboro, Washington and part of Union.

I can personally attest, with conviction, to Jeff’s many and varied abilities, skills, and personal integrity.

During his years of employment as the first business manager in SAD 40 (Medomak Valley School District), Jeff worked closely with me as a most valuable administrator and close confidant in the District Central Office where I served an 18-year tenure as SAD 40 superintendent.

I know Jeff as a highly competent and responsible individual. He’s honest, intelligent, intuitive, focused, and discerning in his judgments. Jeff is approachable and a good listener. His working relationships with school district staff, school boards, town officers and community members were exemplary. He consistently represented all stakeholders in the entire five town school district in a highly accountable and fair minded fashion.

Jeff’s first term in the state Legislature was very successful His good work provides him a reputation as a formidable, serious minded and highly respected representative from Midcoast Maine.

As an Independent, Jeff clearly articulates his views and votes his conscience on all issues. He does so without undue influence from either of two major political parties

A vote for Jeffrey Evangelos in his bid for re-election to the Maine House will provide District 91 and the voters of Maine a trusted and highly effective representative. Jeff’s actions as a legislator will always be well thought out and acted upon in a bi-partisan and independent manner .

Vote for Jeffrey Evangelos with confidence. He’s an exceptional candidate.

David R. Gaul


Change is needed

Vote for Paula Sutton. She works hard to seek election and is honest and caring for the people. We need a change. She is our friend and neighbor.

Chester and Marlene Mank


I’m asking my dad to help Maine

It took living in five different states, three time zones and countless infested apartments to discover what my friends, family and many of you reading this already know; the state of Maine is an incomparable place full of strong character and natural beauty. The sense of identity I’ve been fortunate to carry with me in the world stems largely from being raised in Maine. I speak with pride about Maine, to almost anyone who will listen. I will never shake my identity as a Mainer, no matter where I temporarily settle.

Maine faces its share of challenges. Limited access to quality jobs coupled with under-employment has become a far too frequent narrative. Having migrated to Silicon Valley for work, I’ve watched people come together and convert creativity and drive into meaningful organizations impacting countless lives. I’ve learned that the most important skills for success in this modern economy are unrelated to geography but are the result of attributes Mainers have in spades; strong work ethic, determination and collaboration.

I feel fortunate to have been raised in Maine with these attributes, as well as a keen appreciation for the importance of community. I learned these by observing my father, Dave Miramant, practice them and set a great example for me. I watched him build multiple small businesses that resulted in a stronger local economy. I’ve seen his relentless drive to help build strong community through his work serving in the state legislature and on our town select board. I’m now looking to him to share his experience and leadership and help steer Maine in a direction that will prevent my kids from having to choose between a career they love and the state they love.

My dad is transparent when he discusses reasons for his bid to return to the legislature. He knows that a better future is the result thoughtful leadership, creative collaboration and hard work. He wants to continue to support small business owners in our community. He wants to create a business climate conducive to welcoming new companies in our state while considering thoughtful preservation of natural resources. He understands the potential for Maine in the tech-based economy that will require an improved quality of education, and he will work to get us there.

I asked my dad for a lot growing up. His support and knowledge were in high demand, and his patience was unwavering. I’m asking him now to use his experience and energy to help direct Maine’s future in a brighter direction. I hope you will join me in asking him to bring his passion for thoughtful, inclusive and helpful governance back to Augusta by voting for Dave Miramant for State Senate District 12 this Nov. 4.

Josh Miramant

Raised in Camden

Unconditional kindness, support

I am Rosa Martinez of Mayan Heights, Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo, Belize; has known Mrs. Paula Sutton for approximately 14 years.

Mrs. Sutton has always been a very generous, kind, loving and caring person. My family and I are more than grateful to Mrs. Sutton. For she has been more like a sister, than just a friend to us. Her kindness and support has always been unconditional. In times of need of any kind whether it was emotional, financial or someone to listen to my troubles.

My children enjoy her company so much; for then there is not a dull moment if Aunt Paula is around. Great role model for my girls. Since she is always finding ways to improve her surroundings. Through helping those can, devoting her time, energy, knowledge and counseling to those that need it most.

Here is Belize anyone who met her could not help but love her. I for one can say that I would not be the woman I am if I had not met her. Mrs. Sutton contributed positively both in my children and my life, through help in education, sports and construction of a restaurant and helping us to build our dream home.

I'm sure Mrs. Sutton, candidate for Maine Senate District 12, will have great success in whatever she endeavors.

Rosa Martinez

Cayo, Belize

To The Editor:

Huge success

Pen Bay Community Day was a huge success. Our celebration of health and wellness was a tribute to our committed physicians and colleagues, as well as to our friends and neighbors who support Pen Bay Healthcare each and every day.

Thank you to Pen Bay Physicians & Associates, Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care and Hospice, the Destination Wellness group, Picker Family Resource Center, Mid-Coast Recreation Center, Penobscot Bay YMCA, Georges River Land Trust, Penobscot School, Farnsworth Art Museum, Maine Community Health Options, MidCoast Regional Child Development Services, Maine Coast Orthodontics, Let’s Go! Knox County, New Hope for Women, Go! Malawi, CedarWorks, Mt. Pleasant Dental Care, Cordjia Capital Projects Group, Bangor Savings, United Mid-Coast Charities, Anthem and Northeast Delta Dental.

Finally a special thanks to our Pen Bay Healthcare Foundation colleagues whose leadership brings this fantastic event to life.

Mark Biscone

President & CEO

Pen Bay Healthcare

Represents all people

The people of Knox County have been blessed by having Coach Mazurek as our senator. Coach has always been there for all the people, on the City Council and then as mayor of Rockland, then state representative, and then as our state senator. He asked Dave Miramant to fill his seat, which is one of many reasons why I, as an unenrolled, independent voter, will cast my vote for Dave Miramant.

Knox County does not need an ideologue in Augusta, who will march to the beat of the party line. We need someone who has been able to work with those of all parties and persuasions to creatively meet the challenges facing us all. Dave seeks fairness in addressing the financial crises that faces our state. He doesn’t play one group against another, but rather looks for solutions that provide the best outcome for all concerned. He favors universal health care, giving all Mainers the right to a healthy life. He favors an equitable wage, giving all Mainers the right to the dignity of providing for their families. He favors strong and vigorous education for Maine’s children, requiring the state to make good on its obligations for school funding.

Let’s continue to have representation for all the people. Let’s continue to serve the best interests of all the people of Knox County. Let’s continue to make Maine a great state and a great place to live. On Nov. 4, let’s all vote for Dave Miramant, State Senate District 12.

Marty Schindler


Thanks for birthday wishes

I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. My day started as it always does, but not far into it — joy, pleasure and remembrance from each of you came into memory! It was an eventful one! This also covers cards in the mail. I wonder if you can feel my emotion in the Key of C? I also had phone calls throughout the day! All of you came into focus as I read/listened to your voices. If you want the experience of "Floating in the Air," a day like this will do it!

Over the years, my work with you filled every need of having a love for music. As we all know, music has played a very important part of many people's lives. I have told everyone who asked me how/when/where it began, I told several ways to explain it. God gave me the talent to play the piano before I took a lesson. You all now know where that led! The organ took over early on. Studying with a local musician in Saxonville, Mass., the New England Conservatory in Boston continued it. Then in the Navy, I continued with that service, upon release of that experience led me to Westminster Choir College and gave me the rest of my work for life.

You will never know the feeling that made my 90th birthday one of the century! You all are a part of that forever! Love to you all!

Marion Gray