Rockport Select Board members did not follow proper procedures prior to approval of two November ballot questions, according to the board chairman, and the questions will be removed.

Selectmen voted unanimously Sept. 15 to remove two questions that sought ordinance changes. Both articles were approved for inclusion on the ballot Sept. 8. The changes relate to the town noise and exterior sign size ordinances.

“We inadvertently got things out of order [process-wise] which we didn't discover until these two items reached the planning board last Wednesday evening,” Chairman William Chapman said. “They pointed out the error of our ways so rather than force everyone to jump through hoops, we are withdrawing the two changes and will have them go through the regular process this winter for next June's ballot.”

Article 2 was presented as, “Shall an ordinance entitled: Ordinance amending the Rockport Land Use Ordinance Section 800 General Standards of performance in sub-section 801.6 Nuisances be enacted?"

The revision to the ordinance would have allowed events on town-owned property an extension to no later than 11 p.m., if the event is primarily to benefit one or more nonprofit organizations that serve Knox County and the event receives approval from the select board. Private events such as weddings would not qualify for the extension, according to Selectman Ken McKinley.

Article 3 read, “Shall an ordinance entitled: Ordinance amending the Rockport Land Use Section 1100 Signs and Advertising in sub-section 1103.4 Sign Standards for Districts be enacted?"

The amendment would have allowed a change in the 909 District (Pen Bay Medical Center and The Samoset Resort area) to increase the maximum sign area for free-standing signs to 100-square-feet, according to town officials. No free standing sign would be allowed to exceed 20-feet in height. When a universal symbol for hospital, white 'H' is used, it would not be considered part of the overall size.

It is expected the two changes will instead appear on the June ballot.