Sadness filled the town of Hope and surrounding communities when we all heard the news about Jim Laurita dying at his home here in Hope.

Sympathy is extended to his wife Carrie and sons. Remember we are all thinking of you.

Ladies Club

Tuesday, Sept. 9, 14 members and three guests met at Hope Corner Fire Station to start out on their mystery ride. The first stop was at Jeff and Nancy Connon's home on Hobbs Pond. What a wonderful home this is an what a lot of work they have done on it. Thank you, Connons, for allowing us to come and see your home.

Next stop was Hope for Horses farm where we saw some of the horses they were training and a nice talk was given by Meagan. What a wonderful farm this is and it sure has had a lot of work done on it.

From there we went to the South Hope church, where the ladies served a wonderful lunch. Then it was home to think about what we had seen and learned.

Next meeting will be the birthday party for everyone and members are reminded to bring nickels. This meeting will be Oct. 14 at the Hope fire station. Remember, guests are always welcome.

Snowmobile Meeting

First meeting of the Hatchet Mountain Snowmobile Club of Hope of the 2014-2015 season was held Sept. 11 at Hope Corner Fire Station.

Scholarships were given in June to Christopher Bresnan and Abigail Blakely. They drew the winners for the raffle they held to benefit the Pine Tree Camp.

The winners receiving gift cards from Walmart were Tara Hilt who won $25 and Wayne Luce who won the $50 and the $100.

Next meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 9, at Hope Corner Fire Station with a potluck supper. Remember, everyone is invited to attend.