A local pilot made an "amazing landing" Sept. 18 despite having damaged part of his landing gear at Knox County Regional Airport in Owls Head, according to Airport Manager Jeffrey Northgraves.

No one was injured.

A single-engine Cub airplane, piloted by Steve Morrison of the Rockland area, took off from the airport early in the evening. During the takeoff, the plane struck a light used to guide pilots in to landings. The collision damaged the plane's right main landing gear.

Also in the plane was Morrison's father, Steve Morrison Sr.

The pilot did not have radio contact, Northgraves said, so he was communicating by flying low and yelling out the window to people. Airport personnel called the Owls Head Fire and Ambulance, which rushed to the airport and was waiting as the plane landed, shortly after 5 p.m.

Northgraves said the landing was amazing in that the pilot was able to keep the plane on its left landing gear for as long as possible without it tipping over to the right, where the damaged gear was up. This allowed the plane to slow down before it eventually tipped over, doing minor damage to its propeller.

The aircraft is owned by Morrison.

Knox County Sheriff's Office also responded.