The Town of Thomaston and MaineWater will begin the utility replacement project along Main Street between Fish and Beechwood streets Monday, Sept. 22.

Maine Department of Transportation intends to reconstruct Main Street from the Warren bridge to Route 131 south by removing the existing concrete base and asphalt surface, then constructing a conventional gravel base with a bituminous pavement surface, installing a storm drain system and filling in the existing ditches, according to a notice of construction from the Thomaston Pollution Control Department.

Work will also include constructing new sidewalks on one or both sides of the new road (from Ridgeview to Pine Streets).

This project is in the final design stages and is expected to be bid next summer with construction to begin in fall 2015. This work will probably take a year and a half to two years to complete.

To prepare for this work the town needs to replace/relocate the 100-year-old clean water drain that serves most of the houses on the north side of Main Street from Beechwood Street to Pine Street. The clean water drain carries the water from cellar drains, sump pumps, roof drains, etc. from these houses.

The Maine Water Company is also faced with replacing the 1880s iron water pipe that runs under Main Street and serves houses on both sides of the street. To help minimize the impact of construction, the town and the water company have joined together to do both projects at the same time and have selected Nitram Excavation as the contractor.

Work will begin with the new water main beginning at Fish Street and the new clean water drain beginning on Pine Street at Gleason Street. Both lines will converge at the intersection of Pine and Main and be run together on the north side of Main Street to Beechwood Street.

Construction should end in late November or early December depending on the weather. The plan is to keep traffic moving as much as possible but, as with all construction, there will be some noise and mess and inconvenience to those living along the construction route.

An inspector, Allen Knowles from Dirigo Engineering, will be on site during construction to address questions and concernsany questions. The Town Office or John Fancy, Project Manager for the town, are also available to answer questions. Fancy may be reached at 354-2136 or on his cell at 691-3566. The town officer number is 354-6107.